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Strategies to Increase Productivity

Strategies to Increase Productivity

Trying to find ways to increase productivity in the workplace? We offer several options including workshops when helping companies achieve better performance from specialized teams or departments. Remember, even if your company sees a small improvement in productivity—this can pay huge dividends

  • Developing One-on-One/Multi-Team Zoom Workshops in engaging employees and building ways to enhance productivity and positivity in the workplace
  •  Implementation of lean management methodologies

Case Study for Workshop geared to Improving Productivity

Location: Canada / Industry: Logistics/Warehousing / Workforce: 60+ / Key element of project: Improving Productivity of Warehouse staff Services Offered: Developing specialized zoom workshops; working with individual staff members as required

Challenge: Increasing productivity in order to achieve targets after pandemic
Action Plan: Worked with department administration/management and the HR manager to design organization-specific workshops. Reserved additional sessions for staff who needed a more in-depth engagement (at least 4 wanted this.)

Results: There was a small improvement in performance over a span of month during the workshops. The majority of staff loved these sessions, enough for the HR department to hold these workshops after our contract was complete.

“We initially had a few team members take the zoom workshops. After 2 sessions, we measured their performance on the floor and found that there was strong improvement. They seemed happier and revitalized. In seeing this, we made the decision to get the whole department to take these workshops.”

Gigi, Department Assistant, Logistics