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Sector/Competitor Analysis

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It is imperative to know and understand what is driving your competitors—ranging from their market growth strategies to their talent acquisition process. This information will give your organization opportunities in budgeting for marketing/advertising, labour and even research/development.

  • By utilizing a host of online tools and applications, we will develop a strong report which will overview key areas of both national and local competitors

Your organizational may find additional insight in how to properly recruit talent based on the processes employed by competitors

Case Study – Developing a Report (focusing mainly on talent acquisition)

By interviewing multiple stakeholders within the organization (construction sector; boasting 30 fulltime staff and 60+ contractors)—we found that in order to succeed they needed to find new talent. We assessed various competitors and searched ways they found/recruited talent and in turn created a plan that showed the pros/cons of the competitors’ systems and offered additional suggestions. This plan will be executed in the long-term and they have utilized our low-cost strategies to attract new talent to their company including multiple job fairs in 3 cities including several at their HQ.