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Career Transition Coaching

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Sometimes we come to a point in our professional lives that we want something more out of careers and transitioning into another path reflects this. In this coaching opportunity we dive into what excites you for the present and future as well as what you truly want from taking on a new career path. This 3-part (3 total hours) coaching consultation will prepare you with the right tools and knowledge in navigating not only a new career but the current job market.

We Help You Create a Transition Plan

It is important that you start off with a plan in how to transition into a new career. We will help you review the most effective strategies to continue with a current job that you have while you successfully manage varying risks in leveraging your skills and experience towards a new career. We stress patience during this transition period because there are a lot of factors to consider—and we will certainly be with you—guiding you in areas that are key in laying the foundation for a new career and that means: financial substantiality, new required skills/education/training and assessing the current job market.

However, if you suddenly have found yourself without a job for any reason and now at a crossroads in your professional life, we will work with you in evaluating your options and assessing your Unique Selling Position (what separates you from other candidates) as well as requirements needed for a smooth transitioning for short/long-term success.

Finding a New Career Path

Some of you might already have a good idea what you want to do for your new career and some of you might not. That’s ok! We will work with you to find out what you are passionate about, what are your expertise and assess your personality traits as well as researching the global job market to come up with viable options for your new career.

Developing Your Brand

After being in an industry or specialized profession for a while, you have established a ‘brand’ and a reputation. However, when transitioning into a new career, you might feel that you have to start over. Well, that is partly true. We will show you how use your experience and skills (that you have already gained) that can be leveraged into new career opportunities. However, it is imperative to create a new brand online (across social media) and offline (amongst friends, professional connects and your community)—to advertise that you are dedicated to a new direction in your professional life.

Job Search Planning

Along with helping you transition into a new career; we will delve in the fundamentals of creating and launching a job search. We will review short and long-term job planning/search aims that align with your career goals and take a look at job market data to better armor you with knowledge to make the right choices. We will talk about key areas including: Where to find a job. How to leverage your network for a job. How to effectively use resources like search engines and social media to find a job.

Building & Leveraging Your Professional Network

As you transition into a new career, you must be dedicated to building, managing and developing a professional network. This strategy can be applied to any job search for increased success, however, in this case it will also be utilized to help to gain further insight in what you need in respect to training, knowledge and skills. Connecting with professionals (from the industry you are focusing on) will help find unadvertized opportunities, strengthen your brand and develop relationships that can flourish into possible mentorships. We will help you design a multi-channel outreach strategy to maintain/leverage your current professional network while developing techniques to add beneficial connections to augment your new career success.

Tracking Your Progress (Database & Journaling)

As you progress in preparing/building for your new career, it will be vital to utilize a variety of tools and resources needed to tracking everything you do. We will explore applications like MS Excel/Google Sheets in order to manage your contacts and appointments while highlighting the importance of keeping a journal—recording your interactions in detail, key achievements and general information.

Keeping in Touch!

Career transitioning can a complicated and exhaustive period in one’s professional life, but during these specially developed consultation sessions we are dedicated to providing value through our expertise, empathy and collaborative engagement style. And we extend that past these sessions as well—by inviting clients to continue to keep in touch with us if they need any mini-coaching sessions or encouragement during the process at no extra cost!