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A People-focused Organization Dedicated to Maximizing Clients’ Career Potential

Employment Success is an organization aimed at providing exceptional value for clients in an array of sectors looking for professional career services. We are a team composed of certified resume writers, career coaches and job search consultations with decades of expertise in the workforce ranging from marketing to sales to business development.

We have been successful because of our people-first approach—starting from the first communication and then through the customer journey and then finishing with delivery—we are with clients every step of the way in order to ensure satisfaction.

Experts on Career Services Products & Professional Development

Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique career-needs of each individual client as well as organizations who are looking to retain talent and build a happier work environment. We have seamlessly combined our experience in areas of resume writing, talent retention, recruitment, marketing, customer service, career coaching and sales—to develop a suite of services that exceed the expectations of an array of job seekers, career professionals and executive-level leaders.

We thrive on providing services and products that follow tried and test internal processes ensuring:

  • Guaranteed Customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of the latest in technologies
  • Utilization of key labour market trends
  • Building value every step of the customer journey


At Employment Success, we are dedicated to understanding and immersing ourselves in the latest technologies & methods in order to enhance our delivery process, create products that attain the appropriate results and make the customer service journey an incredible experience.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.
Founder-CEO: Rahul Sharma

A Message from Founder & CEO

“I have been dedicated to creating an organization which helps people realize their potential through the development of strong resumes and in consultative/coaching services related to job search, interview preparation and career growth.”

“It has been quite the journey and I intend to continue to successfully leverage our expertise within the career services realm while maintaining a second-to-none knowledge of best practices, customer service and service/product development to help clients achieve their career aspirations. I am equally proud to note our dedication to building, fostering and maintaining a diverse network of relationships with change/thought leaders, certified resume writers, career coaches, entrepreneurs and business executives to further our vision of creating the ultimate organization aimed at being people-driven and agile in order to navigate the often-uncertain labour market.”

Rahul Sharma